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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held virtually via teleconferencing on Monday 20th December 2021

Present:          Cllr Dewi Owen – Chair

Councillors:     Cllr Gareth Jones

                        Cllr Brian Kelly

                        Cllr Catrin O’Neill

                        Cllr Dai Owens

                        Cllr Megan Reynolds

                        Cllr Bob Tyrrell

Public:             Deio Jones

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Cllr Bradbury-Willis, Cllr Williams, Cllr Worman

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Chairman’s Announcements


The Chair welcomed everyone and welcomed Deio Jones to the meeting. He reported that the village has been quiet recently though is probably going to get much busier over the festive period.

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Presentation on the Community Needs Survey by Deio Jones


Deio Jones from Resources For Change did a short presentation on the Community Needs Survey, highlighting some of the results. He reported that many councils go on to use this type of survey as the basis for creating a Community Place Plan and encouraged the council to look at Newtown Place Plan as an example. Cllr O’Neill reported that there is funding available to create one and suggested it would be a good idea for either the Community Council or the Community Projects group to undertake. It was agreed to find out more information about what creating a Place Plan entails.

Action: Clerk to research the process of creating a Place Plan.

AGENDA ITEM 4 – To receive and confirm minutes of meeting 15th November 2021


Proposed: Cllr Jones   Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Matters arising


Page 40

M/51/(15.06.20) request for drinking water fountain.

The clerk reported that she has not yet heard back from either Snowdonia National Park and 


Gwynedd Council 

Action: Clerk to contact Mr. Jones and Barry Davies again at the beginning of next year

M/107/(16.11.20) Subway improvements

The Clerk reported that the Streetworks department have emailed, saying they will look into whether it is possible for the project could go ahead if Community Council agree to take on the responsibility for maintaining the walls while Gwynedd Council retains responsibility for the lighting and electrics and they will let her know their decision in due course.

Action: Clerk to contact Gwynedd Council Streetworks team again.

Page 41

M/166/(15.03.21) Football goalposts

There was a delay in the installation and they are now due to be installed this week and work on the allotment retaining walls is due to start in mid-late January.

M/139/(18.02.21) Crack in sea wall

It was asked if the work on this could be done at the same time as the work to repair the wall that has been damaged recently by a car. The Chair reported that he has been told that Gwynedd Council said they will be repairing this in the next few months but will contact them again.

Action: Chair to contact Gwynedd Consultancy

Page 41

M/56/(19.07.21) Parking problems on Seaview Terrace

It was agreed that it was not for the Community Council to apply for residents parking on Seaview Terrace but for the residents themselves to apply for it. 

Page 42

M/97/(20.10.21) Tywyn Minor Injuries Unit

Cllr Reynolds informed the Council that three nurses are training in A & E work, so hopefully the MIU will open again soon.

Page 43

M/106/(15.11.21) Gwynedd Council Report

It was reported that the trailer at Bryn Gwylan is still blocking parking bays. 

Action: Chair and Clerk to contact Adra 

M/108/(15.11.21) To consider purchasing extra waste bins

The clerk reported that she has not had a date to meet with the Steffan Jones. It was suggested that perhaps larger bins instead of more bins might be good. Cllr Tyrrell also noted that many tourists do not know that the brown bins are only for garden waste. The Chair informed the council that the bins at Nantiesin have been used for inappropriate rubbish tipping and since September there have been 3 televisions, 2 beds and 4 mattresses put into those bins. 


Action: Clerk to contact Mr. Jones again and arrange a meeting and suggest larger bins as well as more bins, at that meeting. Clerk to inform Cllr Tyrrell of the meeting date.

Action: Clerk to write to all letting agents next year reiterating that they must not put household large goods in public bins.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Treasurer’s Report


Proposed: Cllr Kelly                Seconded: Cllr Tyrrell

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Gwynedd Council Report


The Chair reported on a meeting that was held at the wharf with Gwynedd Council, TMS Maritime and various stakeholders present. The contract hasn’t yet been signed as there is a shortfall in funding so they are currently waiting for the extra funding to be confirmed. It is hoped the project will start in March and the contractors gave a timetable of 34 weeks to complete the project. It will cause disruption in the village, but the work needs to be done as soon as possible in case prices increase again or anything unforeseen happens. The contractors plan to hold meetings early next year with residents and businesses in the village. 

It was requested that the contractors might be able to dig out the cannon that is embedded at the bottom of Church Bay slipway while they are doing the work on the wharf wall, to allow it to then be kept and possibly restored. 

Action: Clerk to talk to contractors about this possibility

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Planning


NP5/50/L145G 12 Seaview Terrace, Aberdyfi LL35 0EF Installation of balcony railings to create balcony area (re-submission) 

No objections raised

NP5/50/27F The Old Coach House, Balkan Hill, LL35 0NH 

Alterations to first floor windows, remove extrenal steps and install glass balustrade 

No objections raised

NP5/ NP5/50/530B 14 Maes Newydd, Aberdyfi, LL35 0PD 

Demolish conservatory and construct 2 storey extension 

No objections raised

NP5/50/L228 Hafn, Terrace Road, Aberdyfi, LL35 0LT 

Installation of roof lights and rear dormer 

It was noted that the gates open onto the road and this could cause an issue. 

Action: Clerk to inform SNPA 


NP5/50/L134E Coast to Go, 9 Glandyfi Terrace, Aberdyfi, LL35 0EB 

Removal of condition 2 of planning consent to allow sale of hot food takeaway 

It was noted that this is next door to an existing takeaway business and the menus overlap.

Action: Clerk to inform SNPA

NP5/50/L308D Coast Deli Dining, 7 Seaview Terrace, Aberdyfi, LL35 0EE 

Removal of condition 2 of planning consent to allow sale of hot food takeaway 

It was agreed not to support this application due to exisiting problems and issues that have not been resolved 

            Action: Clerk to inform SNPA

The Clerk reported that Snowdonia National Park have been in contact with the owners of the sheds being let on AirBnB and have asked them to submit a planning application, but she hasn’t heard anything more about it yet.

AGENDA ITEM 9 – To consider purchase of bollards for the Neuadd Dyfi car park


It was agreed to buy 5 bollards with space for a padlock at the top, at a price of £200 each. It was agreed that motorhome owners should provide their own padlocks with a spare key held at the Council office. It was agreed to ask Geri Davies to install the bollards.

Proposed: Cllr Kelly                            Seconded: Cllr Tyrrell

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 10 – To consider purchase of equipment for hybrid meetings


It was agreed to buy the equipment recommended by the clerk, including any sundries required.

Proposed: Cllr O’Neill                         Seconded: Cllr Kelly

Unanimously approved

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To consider keeping toilets by the Neuadd Dyfi open all year


The clerk had confirmation from Amanda Murray that it will cost the council another £2,000 to keep the toilets open all year. It was agreed to reply accepting this proposal, and to ask the AA&I to cover the cost.

Proposed: Cllr Tyrrell                          Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Unanimously approved

Action: Clerk to reply to Amanda Murray 

Action: Clerk to provide all figures from the past few years to the Chair to inform his forthcoming meeting with Amanda Murray

AGENDA ITEM 12 – Correspondence


  • Day on the Quay

It was agreed to cancel this event


  • Time & Tide Bell

The clerk reported that the clapper had been left outside the harbourmaster’s office so she has sent photos to the artist and is waiting for his response about what will happen next.

  • Aberdyfi Community Projects

Cllr O’Neill gave an update on the company and their project to try to buy the building that houses the Post Office, garage etc. 

  • Work happening at the institute in January

The clerk reported that major electrical work will be happening at the institute in January so she may work different hours or from home while this work takes place.

  • New tenant at the Institute

The clerk reported that a new tenant has taken over the office below the council office and will be in place from January.

  • New pharmacist in the village

The clerk reported that the pharmacy has now officially changed hands and the new pharmacist in now in place. 

Action: Clerk to write to the pharmacist, welcoming him to the village

  • Railings in car park

Cllr O’Neill reported that at a recent Unllais meeting, she asked Dafydd Gibbard, CEO of Gwynedd Council, about the railings in the main car park and he said he will look into the problems with the car park.

AGENDA ITEM 13 – Items for consideration at future meetings / urgent business


  • Container
  • Potential cutting of path between cemetery and Gas Works.
  • Cutting hedge between OB and Picnic Island
  • Sand build up in village already 
  • Precept
  • How can we communicate better with the community
  • Large tree by the Neuadd Dyfi

AGENDA ITEM 13 – Items for release / Rushlight / website / Facebook


  • Thanks to volunteers for village planting and tree / hedge planting 
  • Aberdyfi Community Projects

AGENDA ITEM 14 – Date of next meeting


Monday 17th January 2022 at 7pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:25pm