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Aberdyfi Community Council                                                        Council Offices

                                                                                                            Literary Institute

                                                                                                            Aberdyfi, Gwynedd

                                                                                                            LL35 0LN

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Community Council of Aberdyfi will take place on Monday 18thOctober at 7pm via teleconference when all the several members of the said Council are hereby summoned to attend.  Pleae contact clerk for log-in details.

Dated: 13th October 2021


1. Apologies

2. Chair announcements

3. To receive and confirm minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on 20th September 2021

4. Matters arising 

5. Treasurer’s report 

6. Gwynedd Council report

7. Planning 

            NP5/50/L214          3 Nantiesiyn, Aberdyfi LL35 0NB

            Demolition of exisiting outhouse and erection of rear extension

            NP5/50/363F          Aberdyfi Lodge Park, Aberdyfi LL35 0RG

            Construction of 2 chalets in lieu of unconstructed chalets approved previously

            NP5/50/578B          4 Treflan, Aberdyfi LL35 0PN

            Erection of balcony on side elevation

8. To consider equipment for hybrid meetings

9. To discuss ‘Our Area 2035’ consultation

10. To discuss toilets 

11. To discuss replacing wharf garden planters

12. To consider purchase of programme applications for computer

13. To consider 2 quotes for work on allotment retaining walls

14. To discuss pavement subsidence at bottom of Gwelfor Road

15. To discuss joining the pilot of the self-assessment toolkit for councils 

16. Correspondence

17. Items for consideration at future meetings / urgent business

18. Items for release / Rushlight / website / Facebook

19. Date of Next meeting

Sandy Andrews   

Clerk to the Council