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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held virtually via teleconferencing on Monday 18th October 2021

Present:          Cllr Dewi Owen – Chair

Councillors:     Cllr Megan Reynolds

                         Cllr Dave Williams

                         Cllr Simon Worman

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Cllr Bradbury-Willis, Cllr Jones, Cllr Kelly, Cllr O’Neill, Cllr Owens, , Cllr Tyrrell

As the meeting was inquorate, it was rescheduled to Wednesday 20th October at 7pm.

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held virtually via teleconferencing on Wednesday 20th October 2021

Present:          Cllr Dewi Owen – Chair

Councillors:     Cllr Brian Kelly

                        Cllr Catrin O’Neill

                        Cllr Dai Owens

                        Cllr Megan Reynolds

                        Cllr Dave Williams

                        Cllr Simon Worman

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Cllr Bradbury-Willis, Cllr Jones, Cllr Tyrrell

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Chairman’s Announcements


The Chair confirmed that this meeting was being held as the original council meeting on the 18th was inquorate.  He noted that the work has now finished at Nyth Robin but the road closure last week caused significant problems to those who needed to go towards Machynlleth from Aberdyfi. He also noted that there are currently four sets of traffic lights between Aberdyfi and Tywyn.

AGENDA ITEM 3 – To receive and confirm minutes of meeting 20th September 2021


Proposed: Cllr Kelly                Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Matters arising


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M/51/(15.06.20) request for drinking water fountain.

Clerk has had a reply from Barry Davies, suggesting the drinking water fountain be placed under the canopy between the doors to the two public toilets and asking who would be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the fountain, also suggesting not to have a mouth fountain, instead one just to fill bottles, as this would present less of a health hazard.

It was agreed that the Community Council will take responsibility for the cleaning and maintenance and not to have a mouth fountain. It was agreed to re-visit the site and consider the location at the next meeting in November.

Action: Councillors to visit site before next meeting and Clerk to put on November agenda


M/107/(16.11.20) Subway improvements

Clerk hasn’t heard back from the streetworks department.

Action: Clerk to contact Gwynedd Council streetworks department again.

M/166/(15.03.21) Football goalposts

Barry Griffiths will install the football posts as soon as possible.

M/25/(17.05.21) Bus shelter

Clerk has been told the bus shelter will be installed in the next day or two.

M/139/(18.02.21) Crack in sea wall

Clerk reported that the responsibility for the crack below the shelter on Terrace Road is in dispute between Coastal Defence department and Highways department of Gwynedd Council. Cllr Worman pointed out that there is an erosion hole in the road in that area which could potentially have been caused by this crack. 

M/150/(15.02.21) CCTV

Cllr Kelly reported that the electrician is not responding to emails and attempts to contact him, so he is meeting with another electrician this week to discuss the work. Cllr Worman asked if responsibility for GDPR rests with the electrician or the owners / operators and contractors installing the cameras need a special licence for GDPR issues. It was unclear, although Cllr Kelly said it was the owners / operators. Cllr Worman will investigate and confirm if this is the case.

Action: Cllr Kelly to meet with the electrician this week. 

Action: Cllr Worman to clarify the GDPR situation.

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M/28/(17.05.21) Litter and bin problems

It was agreed there are still problems with litter in the village and to ask the person responsible for litter attend one of our meetings.

It was reported that there are still businesses who have already been reported to Gwynedd Council, that are still telling their customers to put their rubbish in the bins on the car park.

Action: Clerk to chase up enforcement team 

Action: Council to consider purchasing more bins before the season next year.

Action: Clerk to ask Gwynedd Council to check if Gwynedd Council requires businesses to provide proof that their rubbish is being collected before exemption is approved.

Action: Chair to ask Steffan at Gwynedd Council to attend one of our meetings

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M/42/(21.06.21) Correspondence

Bollards in Neuadd Dyfi car park

Clerk is still trying to source more robust bollards

Action: Clerk to source more robust bollards


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M/56/(19.07.21) Parking problems on Seaview Terrace

Clerk has phoned and left messages for the parking department twice asking how we progress getting resident-only parking in the village but has not heard back. 

Action: Clerk to contact the parking department again and copy in CEO of Gwynedd Council

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M/76/(20.09.21) To discuss EV charging points in the village

The Chair reported that Gwynedd Council have not yet reached a decision and the Clerk reported that the consultation is still live on their website.

Action: Chair to contact Gwynedd again

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M/78/(20.09.21) Picnic Island bridge

The Chair reported that the bridge work is still progressing well but Gwynedd Consultancy are being very slow in giving their permission for works to go ahead and Al Crisp told the Chair it is hoped that the bridge will be within budget and will be installed March / April next year. 

Action: Clerk to put in Rushlight

Action: Chair to impress on Gwynedd Council and Network Rail to work together positively for a quick installation.

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Treasurer’s Report


Proposed: Cllr Williams                      Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

It was noted that the finance committee needs to meet before the next council meeting to prepare the budget for next year.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Gwynedd Council Report


The Chair reported that there was a meeting of the full council on 7th October and Gwynedd Council are trying to encourage younger people to apply for the elections in May and they will be losing 6 Councillors in the May elections, going down from 75 to 69 councillors.

Gwynedd Council have spent over £130k on equipment for hybrid meetings and it is hoped that many of their meetings will be hybrid going forward.

The Chair has received a request for the Council and the AA&I to support a FLAG project to develop the compound opposite the Trefeddian Hotel that is used by the fishermen. It is hoped to install a 40ft square hard standing with water and electricity. FLAG are willing to provide 62% of the cost, but are asking for support of up to £8k from the Council and AA&I. It was agreed to support the project and decide the split between the Council and AA&I once final costs are known.

Cllr Williams pointed out that the project needs to be mindful of the people who live next door to the compound as there may be some smell from the fisherman’s work.

Proposed: Cllr O’Neill                         Seconded: Cllr Kelly

Action: Clerk to contact FLAG 


The Chair reported that he had a meeting on Monday about home carers in Tywyn, as Gwynedd Council has recently taken over all the home caring for Tywyn as a pilot project. It was reported that the pilot has worked extremely well, with 35 carers organised by a coordinator based locally in Tywyn. Gwynedd are hoping to roll out this model elsewhere and are keen for feedback from people who the carers have visited. 

It was agreed that this has been a very positive and successful initiative by Gwynedd Council. One slight problem is that many of the carers were unable to find anywhere to park at times, so Gwynedd Council are looking into giving them parking permits.

Action: Chair to chase up parking permits for carers.

The Chair reported that it is hoped to name a contractor for the harbour project this week, with work starting in February for approximately 7 months, which is not good news for the village next summer, but it was acknowledged that this work needs done for the sea defence or Aberdyfi, so it is essential it is done. It was noted that the Community Council needs to have a discussion with the contractor, yacht Club, Outward Bound and the RNLI to discuss what exactly the plans are. 

Action: Chair to liaise with the relevant organisations to arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Planning


NP5/50/L214 3 Nantiesiyn, Aberdyfi LL35 0NB

            Demolition of exisiting outhouse and erection of rear extension

No objections raised

            NP5/50/363F  Aberdyfi Lodge Park, Aberdyfi LL35 0RG

            Construction of 2 chalets in lieu of unconstructed chalets approved previously

No objections raised

            NP5/50/578B 4 Treflan, Aberdyfi LL35 0PN

            Erection of balcony on side elevation

No objections raised

AGENDA ITEM 8 – To consider purchasing equipment for hybrid meetings


The Clerk informed the council that she and Cllr Kelly have discussed the issue and it would cost approximately £350 for a Television and webcam to allow the council to run hybrid meetings. Cllr Williams asked if purchasing a projector might be more portable and flexible.

Action: Clerk to research options and costs for projectors

AGENDA ITEM 9 – To discuss ‘Our Area 2035’ consultation


It was agreed to set up a meeting with Gwen Evans for all the councillors to attend

Action: Clerk to arrange meeting with Gwen Evans and send invite to councillors.

Cllr O’Neill informed the Council that the Community Needs Survey results have now been collated but they need to be translated and asked if the Council would be willing to fund this 


translation. She also asked if the council would be willing to host the report on the website and to invite Deio Jones, the author of the report to give the Council a presentation on the report.

It was agreed to accept all three proposals.

Action: Clerk to liaise with Cllr O’Neill to arrange translation of the report and invite Deio Jones to a council meeting.

Action: Clerk to contact the web developer to arrange for the report to be hosted on the website

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To discuss condition of village toilets


It was noted that Gwynedd Council have informed the Council that there is no money for them to upgrade the toilets, only for maintenance, so it was agreed to ask Scrubadub to deep clean the toilets now and again in the Spring before the main season starts at Easter. 

Action: Clerk to contact Scrubadub

AGENDA ITEM 12 – To consider purchase of programmes for the office computer


The Clerk reported that she needed to purchase applications such as Microsoft Word etc. for the computer and has been quoted £7.90 + VAT / month. Cllr Kelly informed her that there was a much cheaper way to buy what she needs. It was agreed to leave the decision for this purchase to the Clerk and Cllr Kelly.

Action: Cllr Kelly to liaise with the clerk to purchase programmes

AGENDA ITEM 13 – To consider quotes for work on allotment retaining walls


It was agreed to accept the lower quote using wooden posts.

Action: Clerk to contact contractors

AGENDA ITEM 14 – To discuss pavement subsidence at bottom of Gwelfor Road


Cllr Kelly informed the council that he has concerns about the depth of the subsidence of the pavement on the main footpath at the bottom of Gwelfor Road. It was agreed to inform Gwynedd Council of these concerns.

Action: Clerk to report the subsidence and Council’s concerns to Gwynedd Council.

AGENDA ITEM 15 – To discuss joining the pilot of the self-assessment toolkit for councils


It was agreed that it would be useful to join the pilot scheme being run by OneVoice Wales

Action: Clerk to register interest in joining the scheme.

AGENDA ITEM 16 – Correspondence


  • Consultation on dangerous use of personal watercraft

Action: Councillors urged to complete the survey and encourage others to do so.


  • Councillor survey on the role of a councillor and public perception of the role.

Action: Councillors urged to complete the survey

  • Excessive noise of grounds contractor

It was agreed to talk to him about the noise of his equipment.

Action: Clerk to speak to the ground’s contractor

  • Tywyn Minor Injuries Unit

It was noted that the Unit will open again and the GP service and other services in the hospital will all be run by Betsi Cadwallader Health Board from early next year.

Action: Clerk to put in Rushlight

  • Email concerning holiday let accommodation at Plas Panteidal

Clerk has given them details of Gwynedd Council and recommended they contact the health and safety department.

  • Guide to taking part in the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

It was agreed to discuss this closer to the time

  • Tree sculpture update

The Clerk has met with the sculptor and agreed how much of the tree to leave and has contacted the tree surgeon to arrange a meeting to discuss when the trees will be taken down.

  • Tree planting update

The Clerk has been in contact with Snowdonia National Park and it Is hoped that the trees round the playing field will be planted in November sometime and it is hoped to involve some of the children from Aberdyfi.

  • Day on the Quay

Neil Storkey has asked if the Day on the Quay can be held in the playing field next year, given that the wharf will probably be unusable due to the work on the wharf happening at that time. 

It was agreed that this will be acceptable.

Action: Clerk to contact Neil Storkey

AGENDA ITEM 17 – Items for consideration at future meetings


Community Needs Survey

AGENDA ITEM 18 – Items for release / Rushlight / website / Facebook


Picnic Island Bridge

50th Anniversary of O’Neill’s Hairdresser’s

GP practice not closing

Booster jabs

Drop-in centre

Remembrance Sunday

AGENDA ITEM 15 – Date of next meeting


Monday 15th November 2021 at 7pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:05pm