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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held at the Literary Institute on Monday 18th July 2022

Present: Cllr Brian Kelly – Chair


Cllr Sara Bradbury-Willis

Cllr Ian Hewins

Cllr Catrin O’Neill

Cllr Sadie Porter

Cllr Megan Reynolds

Cllr Dave Williams

Public: Pat Hellen

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Apologies accepted from Cllrs Dunton, Jones, Owen and Tyrrell.

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Public participation


No public participation

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Chair announcements


The Chair welcomed everyone and thanked the clerk for suggesting the change of venue and arranging one at such short notice. 

He informed the council that at a meeting between councillors and MP Liz Saville-Roberts and Mabon ap Gwynfor from Gwynedd Council, it was agreed that while there is nothing that can be done at the moment about the planning dispute for Aberdyfi Hillside Park, all parties are keen to work together should the planning permission be allowed to stand.

He informed the council that Sean Chambers is doing an excellent job on the subway and asked the Clerk to write to Sean, expressing the Council’s appreciation of his work. It was noted that there will be an article in the Cambrian News soon. 

It was noted that the subway had been vandalised over the weekend and it was agreed for the clerk to purchase CCTV signs to put up at the subway. The clerk noted that it would be possible to put CCTV cameras there if it is needed, as there are now solar CCTV cameras available.

Action: Clerk to write to Sean Chambers to express the Council’s appreciation and thanks

The Chair reported that recently proper protocol hasn’t always been followed at meetings. He informed the council that he likes to think of the council as a group of friends working towards the same goal, but reminded councillors that even so, comments should always go through the chair by raising a hand. 


AGENDA ITEM 4 – To receive and confirm minutes of the ordinary council meeting on 20th June and Annual Community meeting on 21st June 2022.


Ordinary Council meeting:

Proposed: Cllr Williams  Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Annual Community meeting:

Proposed: Cllr Williams  Seconded: Cllr O’Neill

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Matters arising


Page 11

M/31/(20.06.22) To discuss use of village noticeboard

Cllr Bradbury-Willis informed the council that the wooden noticeboard has been cleared and is ready for use for council notices. It was noted that this noticeboard needs some beading put down the sides and a new lock cover fitted and it was agreed for Cllr Bradbury-Willis to arrange for this work to be done. 

It was noted that the large white noticeboard needs to be cleared of posters, staples etc. and repainted, though it was agreed that it will need to be replaced with a smaller one if / when an electronic noticeboard is installed in that space. The Clerk informed the council that she has been given the details of the company who supplied the noticeboard for MMP so will research this and report at the next meeting.

Action: Cllr Bradbury-Willis to arrange for repairs on wooden notice-board

Action: Clerk to put notices in the wooden noticeboard.

Action: Clerk to research electronic notice-boards.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Treasurer’s report


The clerk informed the council that the figures for the income from the main car park and Neuadd Dyfi pay and display machine have been included for information only. 

Proposed: Cllr Williams  Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Gwynedd Council report


The Gwynedd Council representative was not present so no report was received.

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Planning


NP5/50/682A The Wharf, Aberdyfi. LL35 0EE

Application to vary Condition 14 attached to Planning Permission NP5/50/682 dated 11/09/2018 to allow working hours on a Saturday to be extended from between 07:00-13:00 to 07:00-17:00

No objections were raised


NP5/50/735B Tan y Bryn, Philip Avenue, Aberdyfi. LL35 0PY 

Extension and alterations

No objections were raised

NP5/50/130C Bwlch Gwyn Farm, Aberdyfi. LL35 0SG

Construction of rural enterprise dwelling

No objections were raised

The Chair informed the council that it had been brought to his attention that a lot of work is being done to Glygyrog Ddu but he could find no corresponding planning permission. It was agreed to notify SNPA of this work.

Action: Clerk to inform Snowdonia National Park Authority of this work

AGENDA ITEM 9 – Update on Tywyn Health Centre


Cllr Reynolds informed the council that she has spoken to Betsi Cadwallader Health Board and asked why they weren’t sponsoring GPs who are on a 5 year visa from abroad. These GPs train in the UK for 3 years, after which they can be sponsored for a further 2 years. The health board have said they will look into this further. 

She informed the council that there will only be emergency appointments available at the GP practice in Tywyn for most of August and residents need to order prescriptions before 5th August, as the practice will be installing a new computer system and will be unable to print prescriptions during August. There was concern that many residents don’t know about this, as they are not online and the health centre have not been good at disseminating information to their patients.

It was agreed that the service from the health centre has been substantially below standard for quite some time and it seems that the health board do not realise how serious and urgent the current situation is. It was agreed to write a strongly-worded letter to the health board expressing the Council’s concerns.

Action: The Clerk to write a letter to Betsi Cadwallader Health Board

AGENDA ITEM 10 – Update on wharf development


The clerk reported that the meeting she had at the beginning of the month was very informative and confirmed that the contractors will be on site from 5th September, with work starting on 12th September. She also confirmed that the work will not be done in two distinct phases, as previously planned. Instead it will be done as a rolling works as the contractors calculate this will be a faster way to complete the works. Installing the piles will start on 22nd September for approximately 6 weeks and this is when there will be the most disruption and noise. 

The clerk will attend another meeting on Friday 5th August and will report back.

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To consider water-bottle filling station quote


It was agreed to purchase an Elkay LK4420BF1U water-bottle filling station in blue for £4,191 ex VAT, though keep it in storage until it is possible to install it after the 


work has been done on the wharf. It was agreed to seek a quote for installing the station from the supplier. 

Proposed: Cllr Bradbury-Willis Seconded: Cllr O’Neill

Action: Clerk to purchase water-bottle filling station and put in storage

Action: Clerk to seek quote for installation

AGENDA ITEM 12 – To receive RoSPA report


It was agreed that the concrete benches in the playground need to taken out of action and repaired urgently and to discuss the rest of the issues in the report in the autumn. The clerk reported that she will buy new ‘No Dogs’ signs for the playground.

Action: Clerk to arrange for the benches to be taken out of action and repaired ASAP

Action: Clerk to purchase ‘No Dogs’ signs

AGENDA ITEM 13 – To delegate powers to the clerk and Chair until the September meeting


Proposed: Cllr Williams Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

AGENDA ITEM 14 – To discuss use of weedkiller and creation of wildflower areas on the village


The clerk reported that Gwynedd Council are keen to work with the Community Council on reducing the need for use of pesticides and strimming of verges and she is currently in discussion with residents to see which areas in the village would be suitable before meeting with Gwynedd Council to take this initiative forward.

Action: Clerk to meet with residents to discuss project then meet with Gwynedd Council

AGENDA ITEM 15 – Correspondence


  1. Request from the Rotary Club for volunteers for Race the Train event.
  2. Request for name to be added to the war memorial 

A request has been received from a resident for their great-grandfather’s name to be added to the war memorial as it has been missed off. The clerk has spoken to the War Graves Commission, who confirm they have the details of the person on their roll, but it is not their responsibility to change the memorial. Gwynedd Council confirmed that they are not responsible for maintenance or changes to the war memorial either. The clerk has also spoken to the church and has had the same response from them. 

It was agreed to contact the stone mason in Llanbrynmair who has done work on the memorial previously to ask for a quote to add a name to the memorial and carry out some restoration work. 


It was agreed that the clerk will work with the Literary Institute committee to have the name added to the roll of honour in the Reading Room.

Action: Clerk to obtain quote

Action: Clerk to work with the Institute to facilitate the addition of the name to the roll of honour.

  1. Request for funding for information noticeboards received from a resident. It was agreed they should approach the AA&I for this funding

Action: Clerk to ask resident to apply to the AA&I 

  1. Rights of Way Improvement plan consultation.

It was agreed for individuals to respond to the consultation and the clerk to respond on behalf of the council

Action: Clerk and councillors to respond to survey

  1. Survey on barriers to doing a Place Plan

It was agreed for the clerk to respond on behalf of the council

Action: Clerk to respond to survey

  1. Positive feedback received from a resident about various projects in the village
  2. Opinion of the council sought on an individual wanting to run a takeaway food business from the yacht club or the Neuadd Dyfi. It was agreed this would be unfair on the existing takeaway businesses and it was noted that there may be planning issues, as existing businesses have to apply for changes to their planning permission to allow them to sell hot takeaway food. Concerns were also raised about how H&S issues would be policed and how the increase in litter would be managed. 

Action: Clerk to inform the resident of the council’s opinion

AGENDA ITEM 16 – Items for consideration at future meetings


  • Place plan presentation
  • Swift nesting boxes
  • RoSPA report
  • Electronic noticeboard

AGENDA ITEM 17 – Items for release / Rushlight / Website / Facebook


  • Request for Race the Train volunteers 
  • Wharf update
  • Work on benches in playground

AGENDA ITEM 18 – Date of next meeting


Monday 19th September 2022

There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting at 9.30pm