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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held virtually via teleconferencing on Monday 15th November 2021

Present:          Cllr Dewi Owen – Chair

Councillors:     Cllr Sara Bradbury-Willis

                        Cllr Gareth Jones

                        Cllr Catrin O’Neill

                        Cllr Megan Reynolds

                        Cllr Bob Tyrrell

                        Cllr Dave Williams

                        Cllr Simon Worman

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Cllr Kelly, Cllr Owens

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Chairman’s Announcements


The Chair reported that the Remembrance Sunday events were very successful with many people in attendance. Once again the weather was kind and it was dry and calm. The Council agreed that David and Gay Richardson should be thanked for all their hard work in making the events so successful in a Covid-safe manner. 

Action: Clerk to thank David and Gay Richardson.

AGENDA ITEM 3 – To receive and confirm minutes of meeting 20th October 2021


Proposed: Cllr O’Neill             Seconded: Cllr Worman

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Matters arising


Page 34

M/51/(15.06.20) request for drinking water fountain.

It was agreed that the preferred site for the fountain is outside the Tourist Information Centre and to seek a site meeting with Snowdonia National Park to confirm it’s position, then go back to Gwynedd Council with our final proposal.

Action: Clerk to contact Mr. Jones

Page 35

M/107/(16.11.20) Subway improvements

The Clerk reported that the Streetworks department have informed her that it would not be possible to have artwork in the subway, due to ongoing maintenance and upkeep required.


The Clerk replied to them, asking if the project could go ahead if Community Council agreed to take on this responsibility, but has not heard back. It was agreed to contact them again, reiterating our willingness to take on the upkeep of the subway, if they keep responsibility for the lighting and electrics.

Action: Clerk to contact Gwynedd Council Streetworks team again.

M/166/(15.03.21) Football goalposts

These are due to be installed this week.

M/25/(17.05.21) Bus shelter

Has been installed

M/139/(18.02.21) Crack in sea wall

The Chair reported that he has been told that Gwynedd Council will be repairing this in the next few months.

M/42/(21.06.21) Bollards in Neuadd Dyfi car park

It was agreed that these needed to be stainless steel with padlock locking, so further research is needed before a decision can be made. It was also agreed to check the number of posts that need replacing now and possibly just replacing bollards as and when required.

Action: Chair and Clerk to meet and discuss which bollards need replacing now and report to next meeting

Action: Clerk to research stainless steel bollards with padlocks.

Page 36

M/56/(19.07.21) Parking problems on Seaview Terrace

Clerk has had an email outlining the process of applying for residents-only parking but the email was missing an attachment so the clerk asked for the attachment to also be sent. She is still waiting for this.

Action: Clerk to contact the parking department again to ask for the attachment.

M/76/(20.09.21) EV charging points

The Chair reported that this was discussed at the meeting with Gwynedd Council this morning and reported that they haven’t made a decision yet where they plan to install chargers. 

Page 37

M/91/(20.10.21) Community Needs Survey

The Clerk reported that the survey has now been translated and reminded the Council that they agreed at the last meeting to pay for this service, which is approximately £800. The Clerk will distribute it as soon as it is received and will arrange for it to be hosted on the Council website. She will also ask Deio Jones, the author to attend our December meeting to give a short presentation on the report.

Action: Clerk to distribute the survey report and arrange hosting on the website

Action: Clerk to invite Deio Jones to December Council meeting


Page 38

M/92/(20.10.21) Village Toilets

It was agreed that the toilets are not being maintained as the Council would like but Gwynedd Council are not interested in improving these facilities. The Clerk has asked Scrubadub to deep clean them once now and then again before the main season begins at Easter. It was agreed to keep a tally of the numbers on the counters in order to have evidence if / when something is done with the toilets. The Chair reported that many other Councils have reported similar and worse problems than those experienced in Aberdyfi and Gwynedd Council have agreed to look into the situation.

Cllr Bradbury-Willis asked if the Council should consider paying to have the toilets by the Neuadd Dyfi open during the winter though acknowledged it is probably too late to do it this year, but perhaps something that should be considered for next year. 

Action: Clerk to keep reading the counters at the beginning of the month.

Action: Clerk to provide counter figures at the next meeting.

Action: Clerk to check when the toilets by the Neuadd Dyfi will be closed and to ask how much it might cost to keep them open during the winter.

Page 39 

M/97/(20.10.21) Tywyn Minor Injuries Unit

Cllr Reynolds informed the Council that a meeting was due to be held recently, as they are now supposed to be happened every month, but the most recent one was cancelled due to illness. She will report when she has more information.

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Treasurer’s Report


Proposed: Cllr Williams                      Seconded: Cllr Jones

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Gwynedd Council Report


Harbour Users meeting last week and the harbour took more money than normal this year, so is in surplus unusually. A contractor has been appointed for the Harbour Wall Project is TMS Maritime Ltd, based in Cornwall and who have done many projects like this in the past, according to their website. The work is due to commence in February for possibly 4 or 5 month, but no other details are available yet. This work will have a huge impact on the village. The contractors will come to the village on 30th November for a meeting with interested parties, eg. Community Council, RNLI, Yacht Club, Outward Bound etc. and the Chair will also ask them to attend an open meeting sometime in December to enable the public to attend and ask any questions they might have. 

The Chair also informed the Council that the contractors will need storage space for portacabins, machinery etc. and he has been informed that this will be in the main car park, which will cause even more problems for the village.

All Councillors agreed that it is imperative that the work is done as soon as possible, despite the problems it will cause.

Action: Chair and Clerk to attend the meeting on 30th November and organise an open meeting in December. 

Action: Clerk to distribute plans to the councillors


Gwynedd Council Tourism meeting this morning. The Chair reported that it was estimated that there has been an increase in motorhomes visiting Gwynedd this year of 70%, with associated access and waste problems. Wild camping has also caused major problems in the National Park this year with rubbish etc. It was also reported that many people didn’t follow the Covid Rules that the Welsh Gov has put in place. One positive outcome has been that most attractions in Gwynedd saw a marked increase of 50% in visitor number this year. There was a shortage of accommodation this year, partly due to visitor numbers and partly due to hotels etc. being understaffed and some accommodation had to close part of each week due to no staff being available. There will be another meeting in a month to try to solve some of the problems faced by communities this year.

One issue has been that there have been many events happening in the National park that local and District Councils have been unaware of. One example is this last weekend in Aberdyfi, where a running event was held. The Chair had complaints this weekend from various farmers whose land the people were running through, as they were climbing gates marked ‘private’ and not following footpaths. The Clerk had no notification of the event either. It was agreed to write to the organisers, asking for information to be given to the Council before any future events.

Action: Clerk to contact the organisers

Cllr Jones informed the council about a large number of mountain bikes that came through the village recently and the Chair reported on groups going gorge-walking without permission and no-one knows who is organising these events. 

It was reported that there has been a trailer blocking parking bays at BrynGwylan for many months and the whole area looks a mess. It was agreed to complain to Adra regularly about this issue.

Action: Chair to contact Adra and Clerk to email Adra about this issue.

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Planning


No applications were received this month

The Clerk reported that Snowdonia National Park have been in contact with the owners of the sheds being let on AirBnB and have asked them to submit a planning application.

AGENDA ITEM 8 – To consider purchasing extra waste bins for the village


The Clerk reported that she emailed Steffan Jones asking how much it would cost to have extra bins in the village and he replied suggesting a meeting on site about waste and recycling in the village. The Clerk has agreed to this and is waiting on a date.

Action: Clerk and Chair to meet with Steffan Jones and report back

AGENDA ITEM 9 – To consider purchase of bollards for the Neuadd Dyfi car park


Has been covered earlier in the meeting


AGENDA ITEM 10– To consider and approve budget for 2022/23


Proposed: Cllr Owen                          Seconded: Cllr Tyrrell

Unanimously approved

AGENDA ITEM 11 – Correspondence


  • Gwynedd Council Local Development Plan

The Councillors did not have any comments on the plan

  • Snowdonia National Park Conservation Areas Project

The Park asked if it would be possible to attend one of the Council meetings to discuss this project.

Action: Clerk to give them dates of meetings

  • Fairbourne flood survey report

It was agreed to write to them explaining the problems in Aberdyfi on the wharf area, golf course, railway and sea wall. 

Action: Clerk to write to Arthog Community Council

  • Tree surgeons have cut down the trees in the playing field and new trees will be planted along the side of the playing field, the side of the recreation ground and by the golf-club car park. The hedge in the Neuadd Dyfi car park will also be extended to the full length of the fence.

AGENDA ITEM 12 – Items for consideration at future meetings / urgent business


The Clerk asked the Council to approve the cost of attending a conference on Wednesday in relation to the pilot project of the Council Toolkit, of £45+VAT. It was unanimously agreed to fund this for the Clerk.

  • Community Needs Survey
  • Equipment for hybrid meetings
  • Bollards 
  • Report from meeting with Steffan Jones
  • Container
  • Potential cutting of path between cemetery and Gas Works.
  • Harbour project
  • Cutting hedge between OB and Picnic Island
  • Sand build up in village already 

AGENDA ITEM 13 – Items for release / Rushlight / website / Facebook


  • RNLI Operations Manager
  • Reminder Rushlight on website and Facebook
  • Council need to be made aware of any activities in the village
  • Christmas Tree and Fireworks.
  • Advent windows


AGENDA ITEM 14 – Date of next meeting


Monday 20th December 2021 at 7pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:10pm