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Minutes of the thirty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Aberdyfi Community Council and thereafter the minutes of the ordinary meeting of said Council held at Aberdyfi Literary Institute at 7.00pm on Monday, 15th May 2023.

Present: Cllr. Brian Kelly – Chair


Cllr. Sara Bradbury-Willis

Cllr. Mark Dunton

Cllr. Ian Hewins

Cllr. Catrin O’Neill 

Cllr. Dewi Owen

Cllr. Megan Reynolds 

Cllr. Bob Tyrrell

Public: Pat Hellen

AGENDA ITEM 1- Apologies


Cllrs. Porter and Williams

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Election of Officers 2023/2024



Cllr. Kelly was nominated to continue as Chair.

Agreed unanimously.

Vice Chairman 

Cllr. O’Neill was nominated to continue as Vice Chair.

Agreed unanimously.

Planning Committee

The whole Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Aberdyfi Advertising and Improvements Committee

The whole Council, except for Cllr. Tyrrell.

Agreed unanimously.


Aberdyfi Literary Institute Management Committee 

Cllr. Porter was nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Harbour Advisory Committee

Cllr. Tyrrell was nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

One Voice Wales

Cllrs. Owen and O’Neill, with Cllr. Williams as deputy were nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Neuadd Dyfi Management Committee – Councillors with a vote

Cllrs. Owen, Reynolds, Williams, Kelly and Hewins were nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Richard Williams and Richard Roberts Trust Fund

Cllrs. Reynolds (Chair), Owen, Porter and Bradbury-Willis were nominated to represent the Council, with Cllr. Williams as Trustee.

Agreed unanimously.

Lewis Lloyd Trust

Cllr. Reynolds was nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Meirionnydd Access Group

Cllr. O’Neill was nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Tywyn and District Memorial Hospital Appeal Fund

Cllr. Reynolds with Cllr. Tyrrell as deputy were nominated to represent the Council.

Agreed unanimously.

Allotment sub-committee

Cllrs. Porter, O’Neill and Dunton were nominated as members of this committee.

Agreed unanimously.

Finance Committee

Cllrs Owen, O’Neill and Bradbury-Willis with Cllr Tyrrell as deputy.

Agreed unanimously.


Caravan Site Committee

Cllrs Reynolds, Owen, Williams, Kelly and Bradbury-Willis.

Agreed unanimously.

Re-appointment of Internal Auditor

The Council re-appointed Mr Steve Lister for the year 2023/24

Agreed unanimously.

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Council agreed its willingness to adopt these documents.

Agreed unanimously.


AGENDA ITEM 3 – Time & Tide Bell presentation by Peter Gingold


Peter Gingold from the Time & Tide Bell Organisation gave a presentation to the Meeting covering the history of the organisation, the Bells that have been installed across the UK, future installations and public events that have been developed around the installations.

Peter described the Shore Things, Coastal Connections and On the Strandline public events that the organisation supports and would be keen to work with the community to put on events in Aberdyfi.

Councillors thanked Peter for taking the time to come and address the meeting and will be investigating options to support public events centered around the Time & Tide Bell.

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Chair announcements


The Chair had no announcements for the meeting. Cllr. Owen suggested that some flowers and a card be sent to the Clerk, this was agreed unanimously.

AGENDA ITEM 5 – To receive and confirm the minutes of Ordinary Meeting 17th April 2023


Proposed Cllr. O’Neil Seconded Cllr. Reynolds

Agreed unanimously


AGENDA ITEM 6 – Matters Arising


There were no matters arising.

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Treasurer’s Report


It was agreed to accept the report as a true and accurate report.

Proposed: Cllr. Bradbury-Willis Seconded: Cllr. O’Neil

Agreed unanimously

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Gwynedd Council Report


Cllr Owen reported that Gwynedd Council has elected R Medwyn Hughes as Chair for the next twelve months. Recent Gwynedd Council meetings have been mainly procedural although discussions have been held on Welsh language provision in schools.

AGENDA ITEM 9 – To discuss removing Councillors personal details from the website


Councillors discussed the issues around personal details on the website and the use of personal email addresses. It was agreed that Council email addresses should be used for all communications. 

AGENDA ITEM 10 – Planning


Planning application NP5/50/748 Land at Brîg-y-Don, Aberdyfi. LL35 0NH was received after the Agenda had been published. As the planning application was not on the Snowdonia Planning portal, no discussion was possible. Documents will be sent to Councillors when available.

AGENDA ITEM 11 – Correspondence


Councillors discussed the correspondence items which had been circulated ahead of the Meeting.


AGENDA ITEM 12 – Items for consideration at future meetings


  • Update on the Community Shop plan.
  • Electric car charging points to be better signed and spaced marked out.
  • Co-option of new Councillor.
  • Community Meeting in October.
  • Update on the Aberdyfi to Tywyn multi use path.
  • Water fountain to be installed on the Wharf.

AGENDA ITEM 13 – Items for release / Rushlight / Website / Facebook


  • Vacancy for a Councillor
  • Welsh Club
  • Community Shop
  • Multi use path update

AGENDA ITEM 24 – Date of Next meeting


Monday 19th June 2023 7.00pm

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15pm.