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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held at the Literary Instituteon Monday 26th September 2022

Present: Cllr Brian Kelly – Chair

Councillors: Cllr Sara Bradbury-Willis

Cllr Mark Dunton

Cllr Gareth Jones

Cllr Dewi Owen

Cllr Bob Tyrrell

Cllr Dave Williams

AGENDA ITEM 1 – One minute silence


A one minute silence was observed in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II.

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Apologies


Apologies were accepted from Cllrs Hewins, O’Neill, Porter and Reynolds.

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Public participation


No public participation

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Chairman’s Announcements


The Chair welcomed everyone and reported that it was good to see the work on the wharf development start.

AGENDA ITEM 5 – To receive and confirm minutes of the ordinary council meeting on 18th July2022


Proposed: Cllr Williams Seconded: Cllr Bradbury-Willis

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Matters arising


Page 14

M/31/(20.06.20) To discuss use of village noticeboard

The Clerk presented some information on electronic noticeboards and it was agreed that an electronic noticeboard would be a useful addition to the village. The clerk was asked to obtain more detailed information and costs and report back.

The Clerk reported that the Aberdyfi Tourism group have requested that their money be spent on an electronic noticeboard and the clerk has asked for this in writing. 

Action: Clerk to obtain more detailed information on electronic noticeboards.

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M/46/(18.06.22) Update on Tywyn Health centre 


The clerk received a reply from Betsi Cadwalladr University Health Board which the Council felt did not address the issues of concern. It was agreed that there are still significant concerns with various aspects of the Health Centre and to encourage everyone with issues with the Health Centre to complain to the Health Board. 

M/47/(18.06.22) To consider purchase of drinking water fountain.

The fountain has been purchased with delivery expected towards the end of October. Cllr Owen has offered to keep the fountain at his property until it is possible to install it, after the wharf development work has finished. The clerk will obtain installation quotes closer to the time. 

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M/48/(18.06.22) To receive RoSPA report

The benches have been dismantled and the clerk has purchased new ‘No Dogs’ signs, but has not had time to install them yet. 

Action: Clerk to install signs

M/50/(18.06.22) To discuss use of weedkiller and creation of wildflower verges

The clerk reported that she met with representatives from Gwynedd Council and identified areas which could be turned over to wild flowers. Gwynedd seemed very keen to work on this and the clerk is waiting for confirmation of which areas they will be planting with wildflowers. 

She was also told that they are looking at using the most environmentally safe weedkillers for those areas that need to be kept clear. 

M/51/(18.06.22) Request for name to be added to the War Memorial

The clerk reported that she had received a quote from the stonemasons and had agreed, together with the Chair, to go ahead with the work. It has now been paid for and the work will be done before November Remembrance Day. The family have indicated that they would like to make a donation towards the work. 

The clerk also reported that the Literary Institute have agreed for the name to be added to the Roll of Honour though the family are currently undecided if they wish to go ahead with this. 

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Treasurer’s Report


Proposed: Cllr Bradbury-Willis Seconded: Cllr Tyrrell

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Gwynedd Council report


Cllr Owen reported that he had received an email from Shem Llewelyn to Gwynedd Council, complaining about the lack of support for the Cambrian Coast Sportive this year by Gwynedd Council. The clerk reported that Shem had asked her if the Council could give permission to use Penhelig Gardens for the Sportive so she had told him he needed to contact the Maritime Dept of Gwynedd Council, as they were the ones responsible for that area. It was agreed to write to Shem expressing sorrow that he received such a negative response from Gwynedd Council.

Action: Clerk to write to Shem  19

Cllr Jones reported that the path by the old school from the Institute to Hillside Village is overgrown and needs to be cut back. 

Action: Clerk to ask Aled to cut it back. 

Cllr Owen reported that he has been told that Picnic Island Bridge will be installed on 18th November overnight. 

AGENDA ITEM 9 – Planning


NP5/50/153B The Exchange, Aberdyfi LL35 0LP 

Alterations to front patio area including installation of bi-fold doors and construction of new balconies.

Action: Clerk to object as this is in the conservation area and this will change the look of the property
NP5/50/140D Llwyn, Aberdyfi LL35 0HR
Construction of pergola to side of house 

No objections were raised

NP5/50/T452C Haulfryn, Hopeland Road, Aberdyfi LL35 0NH 

Replace existing single storey rear extension and adjacent garage with a two storey garage and first floor work space and changes to roof structure.

It was noted that the new roof structure changed the look of the property but as the next door property had installed a very similar structure, it was decided not to object to the application. 

NP5/50/705A 35 Terrace Road, Aberdyfi LL35 0LU
Construction of decking in rear garden 

No objections were raised

AGENDA ITEM 10 – To consider purchase of second brown bin


It was agreed to purchase another brown bin for the wharf garden community group. 

Action: Clerk to purchase bin and lock 

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To consider funding for information boards


2 quotes were presented by the clerk from the Aberdyfi Biodiversity group. It was unclear exactly why 2 information boards were needed at each location and what they would display so the council agreed to invite Phil Morgan to the next council meeting to discuss the project. 

Action: Clerk to invite Phil Morgan to the next Council meeting.

AGENDA ITEM 12 – To discuss ROSPA report


It was agreed to ask GL Jones to repaint the swings and roundabout, and repair the


wet-pour at the base of the helter-skelter, as highlighted in the report.

Action: Clerk to contact GL Jones

AGENDA ITEM 13 – Correspondence


Email from Ardal Ni

Email received from a new project being run by Gwynedd Council with the aim of creating clean and tidy communities. The clerk has already had a rubbish bin installed through this project at the playing field. Cllr Tyrrell suggested that all councillors and clerk identify areas in the village that would be suitable for this project and send them to the clerk in order to create a comprehensive list. It was agreed to do this. 

Action: Councillors to identify areas of concern and inform the clerk to enable a list to be created before the next meeting. 

Section 6 Biodiversity report

All councils are now required to publish a biodiversity report every 3 years. The clerk has completed one and welcomed any comments from councillors before publishing it on our website. The report will need to be reviewed annually.

Action: Clerk to publish report 

One way section of Copperhill Street

The Clerk reported that there had been quite a few near-misses with people driving the wrong way past the butchers so she informed Gwynedd Council, who have agreed to repaint the signs on the roadway and replace / reposition the ‘no-entry’ signs on the posts. 

Gwelfor Road 

The clerk reported that a Gwynedd Council senior traffic engineer is looking into the situation and informed the clerk that SNPA are able to impose restrictions on planning applications if deemed necessary. A Senior Warden at SNPA is also going to talk to the Planning department. 

Resident’s Parking 

Cllr Reynolds shared an email she had received from Gwynedd Council, informing her that they will start the consultation process before the end of October. 

Annual meeting of Community Councils with SNPA

The clerk reminded the Council that this year’s meeting will be held on 25th and 27th October and that they need to register if they wish to attend.

AGENDA ITEM 14 – Items for consideration at future meetings


  • Place Plan – it was agreed to ask someone to come to a future meeting to explain more about Place Plans and the process Action: Clerk to request someone to attend a future meeting 21
  • Training PlanAction: Clerk to circulate guidance for producing a training plan to councillors and draw up a draft training plan for discussion at October meeting. 
  • Swift nesting boxes (Autumn meeting)
  • Paint flaking at Penhelig Rail station

AGENDA ITEM 15 – Items for release / Rushlight / website / Facebook


  • Community lunches start on 14th October
  • Wharf update
  • Neuadd Dyfi roof
  • Wildflower verges
  • Firework display in November

AGENDA ITEM 16 – Date of next meeting


Monday 17th October 2022 at 7pm

There being no further business the meeting was closed by the Chair at 9.35pm