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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held at the Neuadd Dyfi on Monday 21st March 2022

Present: Cllr Dewi Owen – Chair


Cllr Sara Bradbury-Willis

Cllr Gareth Jones

Cllr Brian Kelly

Cllr Megan Reynolds

Cllr Dave Williams

Public: Pat Hellen

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Cllrs O’Neill, Owens, Tyrrell & Worman

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Public participation


No public participation

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Chairman’s Announcements


The Chair welcomed everyone to the last meeting of this council. He reminded the council that we are very fortunate here in Wales and we send our condolences and thoughts to everyone who is affected by the war in Ukraine. We hope the negotiations succeed and a peaceful resolution is found very soon.

AGENDA ITEM 4 – To receive and confirm minutes of meeting 17th January 2022


Proposed: Cllr Reynolds Seconded: Cllr Williams

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Matters arising


Page 56

M/117/20.12.21 Community Needs Survey

The clerk has received information about what is involved in a Place Plan and will put it on the agenda for a future meeting after May.

Action: Clerk to put on agenda after May

Page 57

M/51/(15.06.20) request for drinking water fountain.

The clerk has received an email from Barry Davies, suggesting we arrange it with the local harbour-master. She has spoken to the harbourmaster and he has no objections to siting the water-fountain where we want it. The Chair suggested he take it to the harbour users meeting next week to see if the project can be moved forward.

Action: Chair to discuss the project at the harbour-users meeting.

M/107/(16.11.20) Subway improvements

Cllr Bradbury-Willis presented a press release asking for commissions. The Clerk reported that she has had approval from the lighting department for the project. It was agreed to put the press -release out as soon as possible. 


Action: Cllr Bradbury-Willis and the Clerk to advertise for submissions for commissions.

Action: Working group of Cllrs Bradbury-Willis, Reynolds, Jones and Kelly to review submissions and make a recommendation to the full council at the May meeting.

M/56/(19.07.21) Parking problems on Seaview Terrace

Cllr Reynolds informed the council that a new traffic officer has been appointed and an assessment will be carried out soon. The Chair reported that he has been approached by residents of Maes Newydd, requesting residents parking there. 

M/97/(20.10.21) Tywyn Minor Injuries Unit

Cllr Reynolds informed the Council that she has a meeting next week with BCUHB. She has been told that there have been no applications for the GP posts. She has also been told that there is a possibility that the remaining dentist in Tywyn may be based in the hospital in future, as she doesn’t want to run her own business.

M/106/(15.11.21) Gwynedd Council Report

It was noted that the trailer is still outside Bryn Gwylan bungalows and this is now an issue that Adra needs to address. 

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M/127/(20.12.21) Items for consideration at future meetings – Tree by Neuadd Dyfi bus stop

Page 60

M/160/21.03.22 Wharf Development Project

The Clerk reported that the Welsh Government have approved the cost / benefit analysis and should have signed off the money for the project last week, but has been unable to verify this with Gwynedd Consultancy as she has been unable to contact them. 

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Treasurer’s Report


Proposed: Cllr Kelly Seconded: Cllr Jones

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 7 – To note new pay-scales agreed by NJC for 2021-2022


The clerk presented the pay-scales agreed by the NJC at the beginning of March, which are to be implemented from 1st April 2021 and reported that the pay scales for 2022-2023, which will be implemented from 1st April 2022, has not yet been agreed so any increase will be backdated to 1st April this year. The Chair reported that the Clerk had an appraisal with himself and Cllr Kelly.


AGENDA ITEM 8 – Gwynedd Council Report


The Chair reported that there was a meeting of the full council last week. 

There was a long discussion on increasing council tax and it was agreed to increase it by 2.9%, equating to an extra 84p per week for a Band D property. The vote was 36 for and 30 against the increase. 

He reported that most staff have moved back to office working from 7th March. 

From September, all school meals will be free and travel between Aberdyfi, Tywyn etc. will be free for those attending Coleg Meirion Dwyfor. 

Gwynedd Council will have an extra £6.7million from the Welsh Government this year and they confirmed that they do not have any money in Russia, though they do occasionally invest money for short periods (6 -1 0 months) abroad elsewhere.

He met with the South Snowdonia National Access Forum and reported that there are a lot more people reported to be walking the coastal path and as a result, more money is going to be spent maintaining the furniture on the path. There are still problems with off-road vehicles and they are spending money on repairing the damage caused but there is now an increasing problem of off-road motorbikes causing a lot of damage.

AGENDA ITEM 9 – Planning


NP5/50/109J Neuadd Dyfi, Aberdyfi LL35 0NR 

Alterations to roof 

Cllrs Kelly, Owen, Williams and Reynolds declared an interest in this agenda item.

No objections were raised.

NP5/50/L228A Hafn, Aberdyfi LL35 0LT 

Alterations, including installation of roof lights and replacement of windows and doors 

No objections were raised.

AGENDA ITEM 10 – To delegate powers to the Chair and Clerk until May meeting


Proposed: Cllr Williams Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To consider maintenance of Anne Roberts’ memorial


The Clerk reported that this memorial is not maintained by the Trust. It was agreed to fund up to 50% of the cost.

Proposed: Cllr Williams Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Action: Clerk to inform Gwynedd Council

AGENDA ITEM 12. – To consider purchase of Queen’s Jubilee Bench


It was agreed to purchase a bench and position it in the lay-by opposite St. Peter’s Church.

Proposed: Cllr Williams Seconded: Cllr Jones

Unanimously approved


AGENDA ITEM 13 – Correspondence


* Email proposing project group for railway station

AGENDA ITEM 14 – Items for consideration at future meetings


  • Place Plan
  • Swift nesting boxes
  • Cycle path update
  • Group to raise awareness of cycling / walking in the local area
  • Wharf Development
  • Picnic Island Bridge
  • Sculpture for collecting plastic
  • Proposed group to improve railway station

AGENDA ITEM 15 – Items for release / Rushlight / website / Facebook


  • Elections

AGENDA ITEM 14 – Date of next meeting


Monday 16th May 2022 at 7pm

There being no further business the meeting was closed by the Chair at 8.30pm