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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held at the Literary Institute on Monday 20th March 2023

Present: Cllr Brian Kelly – Chair


Cllr Sara Bradbury-Willis

Cllr Mark Dunton

Cllr Ian Hewins

Cllr Catrin O’Neill

Cllr Dewi Owen

Cllr Sadie Porter

Cllr Megan Reynolds

Cllr Bob Tyrrell

Cllr Dave Williams

Public: Pat Hellen

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Apologies accepted from Cllr Jones.

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Public participation


No public participation

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Chair announcements


The Chair invited member to join a sub-committee with Aberdovey Golf Club to work together to address the issues posed by coastal erosion. Cllrs Hewin, Owen and Reynolds agreed to join the sub-committee. 

AGENDA ITEM 4 – To receive and confirm minutes of the ordinary council meeting on 20thFebruary 2023.


Proposed: Cllr Porter Seconded: Cllr Owen

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Matters arising



All defibrillators in the village are registered on The Circuit.


Voting on planning matters is decided by a majority vote.



The painting of the playground equipment will require the rust coating paint first, then an undercoat, then the top coat.

The green benches should be fixed to the floor.


The design for the renovations will need to be agreed and signed off before the grant application process can begin.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Treasurer’s report


Proposed: Cllr Williams  Seconded: Cllr O’Neill

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Gwynedd Council report


Cllr Owen reported on Gwynedd Council matters at the Gwynedd Councillor for Aberdyfi. The report included:

Gwynedd Council met to approve an increase in the Council Tax for 2023-24 of 4.9%

Gwynedd Council are likely to be cutting back on staff.

The safety of Councillors at at Unitary and Community Councils is being looked into following recent disruption at Council meetings and online threats being made to Councillors.

There is to be no increase in rail services at present due to staff and rolling s tock shortages.

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Correspondence


Planning Application

NP5/50/743 Braich Gwyn, Aberdyfi, LL35 0RD

Councillors discussed the application following amendments to the design at length with a number of different views put forward both in support and against the application. Clarification around the current policy on change of use of buildings outside the development boundary was requested and the Clerk will write to the Planning Officer.

Britannia Inn – external works update.

The arbour that has been built on the terrace was discussed as it changes the appearance of the building and has been reported to the planning officer.


Reinstatement of Wharf columns

The lighting has been completed with upgrades to the car park and sea front lighting planned. The damage to the grass area will be repaired.

Time and Tide Bell

Peter Gringold is hoping to be able to address the Council at the May meeting.

AGENDA ITEM 9 – Items for consideration at future meetings


Following a One Voice Wales training course, Cllr Bradbury-Willis asked whether the Community Council had an asset register. The Clerk will investigate and report back. 

Cllr Hewins asked when the website will be updated as Councillors details are out of date.

Cllr Williams congratulated the contractors for the work done on the wharf and that the Council write to offer formal thanks when the work is completed.

AGENDA ITEM 10 – Items for release / Rushlight / Website/ Facebook


Thanks to the contractors for the work on the wharf.

Vacancies on the Aberdyfi Improvements Committee.

Decorate the front of the institute for the Coronation and ideas to commemorate the occasion.

AGENDA ITEM 18 – Date of next Meeting


Monday 17th April 2023

There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting at 8.59pm