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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held at the Literary Institute on Monday 20th February 2023

Present: Cllr Brian Kelly – Chair


Cllr Mark Dunton

Cllr Ian Hewins

Cllr Catrin O’Neill

Cllr Dewi Owen

Cllr Sadie Porter

Cllr Dave Williams

Public: Pat Hellen, David Tomkinson, Susie Waldock

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Apologies


Apologies accepted from Cllrs Reynolds, Bradbury-Willis, Jones and Tyrrell.

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Public participation


No public participation

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Chair announcements


The Chair welcomed everyone and introduced Chris Wood who will be acting as Locum Clerk whilst the Clerk is away. 

AGENDA ITEM 4 – To receive and confirm minutes of the ordinary council meeting on 16stJanuary 2022.


Proposed: Cllr Williams Seconded: Cllr Owen

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Matters arising


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CL/130/(20.02.22) Wharf Development

The Clerk has written to the contractors and thanked them for employing local workers and has circulated drawings for railings and bollards to Councillors. It is still anticipated that the works will be finished early, in the first week of April just before Easter, though they are contracted to finish at the end of May. This does not mean though that the site will be clear before Easter.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Treasurer’s report


Proposed: Cllr Williams  Seconded: Cllr Owen

Unanimously agreed


AGENDA ITEM 7 – Gwynedd Council report


Cllr Owen reported on his work that the Wharf development looks very impressive and gave thanks to all involved in the project. There will be shortly a change in the access arrangements as the work nears completion which is hoped to be ahead of schedule.

Gwynedd Council will be meeting next week to set the Precept for 2023-24 and it is expected that there will be an increase of around 5%.

Network Rail will be attending to cut back overgrowth which has been extending onto the road at the beginning of March. It was commented that when night works were being undertaken, quantities of litter were being left, Cllr Owens will investigate.

Gully clearing will be undertaken by Gwynedd Highways in the next few weeks.

Work on the A493 to repair a dip in the road surface near a badger set will require temporary traffic lights to be installed.

Attended a One Voice Wales meeting where Liz Saville-Roberts spoke about the fuel payments schemes and how is hoped that payments will start to be made from next month. One Voice Wales reported on how there is a lack of Community Councillors and Clerks across Wales.

It was asked that the defibrillators be checked as to whether they are registered on the Circuit to ensure all consumables are up to date and the units are in working order.

Complaints have been received about the number of lorries driving along Maesnewydd and damage to gullies. Highways have been asked to attend and examine the damage. Gully clearing has not been attended to recently due in part to the new machine being too large to fit under the railway bridge.

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Planning


Applications received:

NP5/50/L68B Nandoras, Aberdyfi, LL35 0LE

Councillors discussed the application at length with a number of different views put forward both in favour and against the application. A vote was taken with five Councillors raising no objection to the application and two Councillors opposing the application.


AGENDA ITEM 9 – To discuss possible village celebrations for the King’s Coronation


A resident has shown an interest in organising an event for the Coronation. Councillors discussed the idea and it was suggested that the Council offer support to any proposal to run an event but not to be the host.

Action: The Clerk to contact the resident and report back with what ideas were being considered.

AGENDA ITEM 10 – To receive and approve quote for maintenance of trees in allotments


Snowdonia National Park has granted permission to fell the sycamore tree. Additional works will be undertaken to trim the holly bushes and cut back plants which have overgrown the path. A quote of £800.00 has been received to undertake the required work, it was agreed to accept the quote and proceed with the work.

Action: Cllr Owen to liaise with the neighbour.

Proposed: Cllr O’Neill Seconded: Cllr Porter

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To discuss and agree quotes for playground repairs


Councillors discussed the repair work required to satisfy both safety and cosmetic concerns. It was agreed to proceed with the Wet Pour repairs but defer the decision on repainting.

Action: Cerk to take pictures of the areas requiring painting

Proposed: Cllr Hewins Seconded: Cllr O’Neill

Unanimously agreed

AGENDA ITEM 12 – To approve rate of pay for locum clerk


The locum clerk left the room.

Following discussions between Councillors, it was agreed that the locum clerk be paid the same rate as the clerk.

Proposed: Cllr O’Neill  Seconded: Cllr Williams

AGENDA ITEM 13 – To receive and approve quote and design for playground renovations


Cllr O’Neill provided the Meeting with an update on the proposed redevelopment with a plan and visuals showing how the design would work on the site. Councillors discussed the proposal at length with many views expressed and questions asked. Funding, insurance, the design and a need for further community engagement were all discussed in detail. It was agreed to defer the item to enable possible funding sources to be investigated.


AGENDA ITEM 14 – To discuss coastal erosion and its effect on the Golf Club


AGENDA ITEM 15 – Correspondence


Time and Tide Bell – the Clerk will write and invite the Time and Tide to give a presentation to the Council.

Caravans in the car park – it was suggested that the Council investigate gaining the power to issue penalty charges.

AGENDA ITEM 16 – Items for consideration at future meetings


Should Rushlight be bilingual? Councillors agreed that Rushlight should be bilingual and asked that costs be looked into whilst investigating whether there was anyone willing to volunteer translation services. 

AGENDA ITEM 17 – Items for release / Rushlight / Website/ Facebook


Des George has an update on the post office development.

Cllr Owen gave thanks on behalf of the Council for the pantomine and congratulated everyone involved for their success.

The wharf development update.

Local events being held in the pubs.

AGENDA ITEM 18 – Date of next Meeting


Monday 20th March 2023

There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting at 9.12pm