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Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Aberdyfi Community Council held virtually via teleconferencing on Monday, 18th January 2021

Present were:   Cllr Dewi Owen – Chair


Cllr James Bradbury-Willis

Cllr Sara Bradbury-Willis

Cllr Gareth Jones

Cllr Brian Kelly

Cllr Catrin O’Neill

Cllr Dai Owens

Cllr Megan Reynolds

Cllr Bob Tyrrell       

Cllr Dave Williams

Public: Simon Worman (co-opted during meeting)

AGENDA ITEM 1- Apologies


No apologies – Full attendance

AGENDA ITEM 2- Chairman’s Announcements


The Chairman welcomed everyone to a new year of the Council and informed everyone that it looks like we will probably need to continue with remote meetings until the Autumn.

AGENDA ITEM 3 – To co-opt a new councillor


2 applications were initially received, but 1 withdrew, leaving 1 application and it was agreed to co-opt Simon Worman as a councillor

Proposed: Cllr Kelly                  Seconded: Cllr Jones

Unanimously approved

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Receive & confirm minutes of meeting 21st December 2020


Proposed: Cllr Reynolds  Seconded: Cllr Kelly

Unanimously approved.

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Matters arising



Page 42     

M/51/(15.06.20) Request for drinking water fountain

Clerk has emailed photos of the proposed site and of the preferred fountain to Snowdonia National Park but hasn’t heard anything back yet.

Action: Clerk to contact Snowdonia National Park again

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M/63/(20.07.20) Funding for cycle paths

Chair informed the Council that this had come up at the last meeting of Gwynedd Council and it is currently under consideration by Gwynedd Council Consultancy.

Cllr Tyrrell reminded the council that both consultations that were undertaken in the last 2 years had been extremely well-attended and that there was a large appetite for the cycle path to be completed.

Action: Chair to contact Gwynedd Council to find out the status of the project.

M/74/(21.09.20) CCTV

Clerk has emailed asking the camera to be moved, but hasn’t had a reply.

Action: Clerk to contact again and if quote is too high or if they don’t respond, the Council may consider moving the camera ourselves.

M/81/(21.09.20) Correspondence

EV charging points

Chair reported that he has spoken to Cabinet members at Gwynedd Council and it is looking hopeful that Aberdyfi will be included in the plans to install charging points, but it all depends on the availability of internet access in the car park. Gwynedd Council representatives will do a site visit to check the suitability.

Action: Chair will contact Gwynedd Council and give an update next month

M/106/(16.11.20) Playground

Clerk has left a message with GL Jones asking for a date when the swings will be re-installed and an installation date for the new seating, but has had no reply. Cllr O’Neill informed the Council that she has been in discussion with GL Jones about the designs on the panels. It was agreed to delegate decisions about this to Cllr O’Neill and the Clerk. It was pointed out that the shelter needs to be sited to ensure there is still emergency vehicular access through the playground.

Action: Clerk and Cllr O’Neill to liaise with GL Jones. Clerk to request date for re-installation of swings.

M/107/(16.11.20) Subway improvements

Clerk has had no reply from Gwynedd Council yet.

Action: Clerk to contact Gwynedd Council highways again


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M/122/(21.12.20) Correspondence

Letter from Alan Turnbull

Chair has tried to talk to Gwynedd Council about re-siting the bins at the far end of the car park by the fire station without success and is waiting for a reply.

Action: Chair to contact Gwynedd Council again

Wharf gardens committee

Chair hasn’t yet spoken to the harbourmaster about siting a brown bin in one of their stores.

Action: Chair to speak to harbourmaster

Page 46

M/123/(21.12.20) Items for consideration at future meetings

Cllr O’Neill informed the council that she has sent photos of the railings around the car park to Gwynedd Council and pointed out to them that the railings are their responsibility, so we should not apply for a grant to have them repaired. As yet she has had no reply.

Action: Cllr O’Neill to report on progress at next meeting

Cllr J. Bradbury-Willis pointed out that a discussion about installing CCTV in the square was not on the agenda this month as requested. This was an oversight by the clerk and will be put on the agenda for next month.

Action: Clerk to put onto agenda for next month

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Treasurer’s Report

No report as the Clerk has had no bank statements from Natwest, as they had started sending all statements to the branch, rather than to the Council Office, even although this had not been requested. The Clerk still has no access to online banking either, so has no access to any banking information at the moment.

The clerk reported that she spoke to the complaints department, who have said they’ll help with the application and have credited our account with £200 as compensation.

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Gwynedd Council Report


Chair has tried to contact highways about the lamppost next to the Penhelig Arms that has been put in the road, rather than by the side of the road, but without success.

Action: Chair will contact highways again and report back


The Chair reported that Gwynedd Council do not plan to shift all the sand from the area around the slipway this year and that the harbourmaster is very concerned about this. He reported seeing someone with a tractor today but it’s not clear who this was or who has organised it. There is still a very large amount of sand along the promenade and in the car park itself, so much so, that plants have now taken root. The Chair has already spoken to Gwynedd Council about this issue but the person he spoke to didn’t seem to think it was a big problem, so the Chair pointed out that if the sand isn’t cleared regularly, it will cause a much bigger and more expensive problem for Gwynedd Council. He also pointed out again that Gwynedd Council gain a large income from the car park, so it is in their interest to keep it clear of sand and looking attractive. The Council agreed the whole area looks unkept and untidy and something needs to be done about it.

Action: Chair to talk again to Gwynedd Council and ask them to do a site visit to discuss all the problems with the car park, not just the sand. Clerk to add to agenda for February or March meeting, after Chair has met with Gwynedd Council.

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Planning


NP5/50/L145F     12 Seaview Terrace, Aberdyfi LL35 0EF

                                      Creation of balcony on third floor flat roof

No objections were raised

NP5/50/L220C     32 Terrace Road, Aberdyfi LL35 0LU

                                       Removal of chimneys & installation of flues

                                       No objections were raised

Letter from Golf Club requesting supporting letter for an application to convert meeting rooms into accommodation.

Cllrs Jones, Reynolds and Williams declared an interest at this point.

It was agreed to write a strong letter of support for this application. A letter is required at this stage of the process to enable the application to go to the full planning committee.

Action: Clerk to write letter

AGENDA ITEM 9 – To consider declaring a Climate Emergency


Proposed: Cllr O’Neill                Seconded: Cllr J. Bradbury-Willis

Unanimously approved

Climate Committee: Cllrs O’Neill, J. Bradbury-Willis and Worman. Cllr Kelly is keen to offer support when he is able.

Action: Clerk to work with Climate Committee to produce a Climate Emergency policy


Cllr Kelly informed the Council that there is a map in historical minutes showing the how much of the local area that would be lost if the sea level rises and suggested sharing it would be a good way to encourage more people to take Climate Change seriously.

Action: Clerk to find map for distribution.

AGENDA ITEM 10 – To consider and approve grant applications


The following donations were approved unanimously:

Proposed: Cllr Jones                   Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Welsh Air Ambulance – £200

Urdd – £50

Dail Dysynni – £50

Radio Ysbyty Gwynedd applied but it was felt that Aberdyfi has much stronger links with Bronglais so agreed not to donate anything to this cause.

AGENDA ITEM 11 – To appoint an internal auditor


The Council thanked Mr. Lister for all his work so far and agreed to appoint him for the coming year.

AGENDA ITEM 12 – To adopt Risk Assessment/Code of Conduct/Register of Interests.


It was agreed to adopt for the next year

NO AGENDA ITEM 13 as Clerk mis-numbered the agenda items

AGENDA ITEM 14 – To consider moving banking to Unity Trust Bank


It was unanimously agreed to move to Unity Trust Bank

AGENDA ITEM 15 – Correspondence


Two Emails re: Village Tree Planting Project

Cllr J. Bradbury-Willis suggested the Climate Committee take this forward with the Tree Planting Project Group, which was unanimously agreed.

Action: Clerk to reply, informing them we have declared a climate emergency and formed a committee, who are keen to work with them on the project.

Cllr Williams reminded the council that the playing field is for children to play football so any trees planted should be able to withstand the rigours of this.


NHS Frontline Workers Day 5th July 2021

A day to show appreciation for all frontline workers.

It was agreed to register the Council for this.

Action: Clerk to register interest and report further when more information becomes available.

Two emails from second-home owners objecting about proposed increase in council tax for second home owners.

It was agreed to write to Gwynedd Council informing them that Aberdyfi Community Council does not agree with the proposed increase.

Proposed: Cllr Tyrrell                Seconded: Cllr Jones

Agreed by majority.

Action: Clerk to write to Gwynedd Council informing them we do not agree with the increase, but we do not object to local housing being built. Also to make them aware that many members of the public are not clear why they want to make the increase. 

Action: Clerk to reply to emails informing them we have written to Gwynedd Council expressing our concerns about the increase.

Email from Gwynedd Council Assistant Head of Finance.

Email received outlining potential effect of the proposed increase in Council Tax for second home owners on precept for Councils.

It was proposed to keep the precept increase to 1.5% inflation as agreed at the previous meeting.

Proposed: Cllr Williams             Seconded: Cllr Reynolds

Unanimously agreed

Wolverhampton Bike Ride

One of the organisers contacted the Clerk and informed her that the bike ride will happen this year, but it will be a circular route to and from Wolverhampton on a different weekend to normal, so that Aberdyfi is not swamped with visitors at this difficult time. This means that those people with rolling accommodation bookings can still come down for the weekend and can also take part in the bike ride this year, ensuring Aberdyfi doesn’t miss out on business. Next year it is envisaged that the bike ride event will return to normal.

Councillor’s contact details

The Clerk proposed that the Council set up council-specific email addresses for each councillor which is web-based, as recommended by One Voice Wales. Digital Egg informed the Clerk it is possible for all councillors to have a email address for £45 per annum.


Cllr Tyrell asked if it is possible to set up a notification to councillor’s personal email address when an email comes in to the Council email.

It was agreed to ask Digital Egg to set this up.

Action: Clerk to liaise with Digital Egg

Message on Facebook asking why the Council didn’t buy ‘’

Cllr Kelly reported that he had checked back in the minutes and Aberdyfi Community Council did not contribute towards the website when it was originally set up or anytime afterwards, as it was entirely orchestrated by Saturn Innovation. The AA&I were asked to contribute towards the cost of collecting local information to put onto the website and gave £1000, but this was not towards setting up or running of the website. The Council has never had any involvement with the website – it has always been a private business website.

Literary Institute

The Clerk has been informed that there will be no increase in rent this coming year.

AGENDA ITEM 16Items for consideration at future meetings / urgent business


The Clerk left the meeting at this point

Clerk’s probation period

The probation period has finished for the Clerk and the Council agreed to approve her position as Clerk.

The Clerk re-joined the meeting

Cllr Kelly declared an interest in the next item

Request for letter of support for residents of Plas Panteidal

Cllr Kelly asked for the Council to consider giving support to the residents of Plas Panteidal in their efforts to buy the estate from the liquidators.

It was unanimously agreed to write a letter of support.

Action: Clerk to write letter of support

Community Housing Trust meeting

Cllr O’Neill informed the Council that there is a meeting tomorrow night about Community Housing Trusts and she can give details on how to join.

Wharf Development Project

The Chair believes that the tenders went out at the beginning of the month, but is yet to hear officially that this is the case.

Action: Chair to contact Gwynedd Council Consultancy and report next month


Picnic Island Bridge

It is hoped that this will be done in September / October when the Barmouth Bridge is having repairs carried out and the rail line is closed. The bridge will be built in Wrexham and installed in in one day. The project is currently being held up by Gwynedd Council Consultancy as they have yet to give their approval.

Action: Chair to contact Gwynedd Council Consultancy and report next month

Cllr Jones asked if any response had been given to the information sent to Gwynedd Council about the cracks in the wall by the shelter opposite Cliffside Terrace. The Clerk confirmed she had taken and sent photos to Gwynedd Council weeks ago but hasn’t heard back.

Action: Chair to contact harbourmaster

For Agenda Next month:

CCTV in the square

AGENDA ITEM 17 – Items for Rushlight / Website / Facebook


Health Centre telephone number

Welcome new residents to the village

Welcome to new Councillor

Wolverhampton Bike Ride

Climate Emergency and invite to join in

Defibrillator not working at TIC

Reminder of website address and Facebook page

AGENDA ITEM 12 – Date of next meeting


Monday 15th February 2021, 7pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm